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Online guitar courses / lessons
The best of the net

The main advantage of guitar lessons purchased online is that they are a whole lot cheaper than lessons with a teacher. Here is what we think of some of them:



For the cost of one or two lessons with your local guitar teacher, you can access this whole online course. The value is truely amazing, and it will give you a great insight into whether or not learning the guitar is for you.

Jamorama online guitar course

The entire course if you choose the download version is currently available for a discounted $39.95USD. We highly recommend this as a great starting place for learning to play guitar.

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Team Method Guitar


This course is more in depth than Jamorama, and because of this is more expensive. This course is led by a team of guitar professionals each specialising in a different style of guitar. This style of teaching is great because you get to experience more than one teacher.

Team Method Guitar Course

This course is available to download at $97USD, or for a physical shipment of books and CDs at $213.95USD. Because of the big difference in price, we recommend the download version.

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Mike Herberts "Shows You How"


Mike Herberts has a lot of experience teaching the guitar. He essentially offers three products online: Two strum along guitar courses each teaching you how to play ten popular songs, and a dedicated Beatles acoustic guitar tutor that teaches you five of their best loved songs.

Strumming course

The two strum along programs cost $39.97USD each and the Beatles collection $29.97USD. There is some overlap in songs, but this would be a great set for busking with your old acoustic!

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